Drupon   Sangyas   Rinpoche  

Drupon Sangyas Rinpoche

Drupon Sangyas Rinpoche is the resident Lama of the Drikung Center in Estonia. He carries out all Center’s meditation courses, rituals and practices and gives useful lung- empowerments. Drupon Sangyas was born 1973 in Tia village in Ladakh, North India. Before Republic of India Ladakh had thousand years of  local kingdomhood and it is still old historical area of Tibetan culture.

Tia küla Ladakhis

Tia village Ladakh

Drupon Sangyas entered Lamayuru monastic primary school at the age of nine. Afterwards he went to newly established Drikung Kagyu Jangchubling Institute near Dehradun in India.  For a while he was attendant of HH Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche. After finishing the Institute Drupon Sangyas returned to Ladakh, where he spent three years serving local community as a resident monk of small monastery named Tserkarmo. HH Chetsang Rinpoche sent Drupon Sangyas to Drikung Kagyu traditional three year retreat in Almora, he completed his studies from Ngöndro to Six Yogas of  Naropa successfully and returned to Dehradun.

Drupon Konchok Sangyas Almora eralduslaagris

Drupon Konchok Sangyas in Almora

HH Chetsang Rinpoche asked Drupon Sangyas to go to guide Drikung dharma centers of Estonia and Latvia. Drupon Sangyas arrived first time to Estonia 2000.  It took him some years to learn English. At the year of  2004 he obtained Drupon (the Master of Meditation) and Rinpoche´s (The Precious) title in Lumbini. Recent years he is asked to many other Dharma Centers to give teachings. 2008 he founded Dharma Center in Ukraine.



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