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The ultimate Dharmakaya, great bliss free from concept,
beyond the mind, unchanging coemergent wisdom.
How Marvelous! All apparent existence is Mahamudra.                                                               Jetsun Milarepa


Dear Dharma Friends!

15th- 19th November Great Yogi Khenpo Konchok Tashi Rinpoche teachings in Tallinn, Estonia


Friday-Sunday teaching place: Narva maantee 91, Tallinn

Friday 15 November 6.30 pm - 9 pm Vajrasattva empowerment
Vajrasattva represents the “enjoyment body” and is associated with purification.

Saturday 16 November 11 am - 5 pm Meditation instructions and practice with Khenpo Tashi

Sunday 17 November 11am - 1pm Great Drikung Phowa- transference of consciousness at the time of death

2.30 pm – 5 pm Special karma purification ritual to help overcome obstacles physical and mental. This water puja belongs to Dorje Namjor who is wrathful form of Vajrapani.

Monday-Tuesday teaching place Vilmis str. 45A-2

Monday 18 November 6.30 pm - 9 pm Avalokiteshvara empowerment

Tuesday 19 November 6.30 pm - 9 pm Mahakala empowerment

Translation to English and Estonian

Fee: working days 25€ per day
weekend 50€ per day
Full teaching (all 5 days) 150€

Khenpo Tashi Rinpoche enters Lamayuru Monastery at a very young age. He was ordained at 9 and became Khenpo after 12 years spent studing texts and buddhist philosophy. He then lead the Drikung Kagyu Institute of Deradhun for another 12 years as abbot an director.
Close disciple of the enlightened Master H. E. Drubwang Konchok Norbu Rinpoche, Khenpo Tashi spent 12 years in solitary retreats for a period of 15 years. He spent his retreats in Tatopani (Nepal) and in Lapchi (in the same cave as Milarepa).
Rinpoche is nowadays teaching across the globe and supervising retreats of numerous monks and yogis.

Gallery: Khenpo Konchok Tashi Rinpoche in Tallinn 2016


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